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The sacred 4

I recently completed The Artists Way. A 12 week course in reaching higher creativity. I hadn't thought much about what I wanted to get out of it. I hadn't thought much about it at all. A common side effect of Motherhood. One thing I noticed in the course was the repetitiveness of the exercises. Essentially asking in different ways - how do I want to live my best life? At week 11 I got it. It started to sink in. If I want to live my best life I have to keep small promises to myself every day. I've heard this before, multiple times. I know this. But the repetitiveness of her questions, annoying as I sometimes found them, pushed me to really question how I wanted my life to look. How I could improve on my already pretty wonderful life?

I came up with the sacred 4 after a conversation with a writer. We were on the ski fields and I had asked him what he did for work. 'I'm a writer, fiction, detective stories, so I work from home. And I love it!' I gasped in awe. Writers do that to me. To be a full time writer. Wow. I thought about asking him how he did it. How he became a writer. But I already knew the answer. I'd asked another person once before, last year in Rome, who'd written a book and he just shrugged his Roman shoulders, unimpressed with my question and said 'Just do it. Just write it.' I knew that was how simple and how unbelievably hard it was. Just do it. So I didn't ask any more questions of Mr.Skiing Writer but I went back to our lodge with a little fire in my belly. How could I get more discipline in my life? How would I be able to achieve my dreams?

Thats when I came up with the sacred 4. Meditate, Stretch, Write, Exercise. Every day. No matter how it looks. No hard and fast line except, just do it. I know that when I do the sacred 4 I feel on the front foot in my days. Things get done. I feel like I've accomplished something which spurs me on to accomplish more. To keep going.

I wonder, what do other people have on their sacred daily list?

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