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  • Sally Love

Aligning the child and the woman within

When I’m *spinning, my inner child comes on strong.

I stomp, I yell, I cry, I swear.

She’s not being taken care of.

I’m not taking care of my needs.

Aligning means to come back to myself.

Coming back to myself.

Understanding what I need to feel aligned again.

It doesn’t have to be all triangles and mandalas.

Om’s and prayers.

Though they do help.

It doesn’t need to be grand gestures or shaving my head.

It starts with a breath. A hiccup. An interruption in the regular, irregular tuning.

Changing the channel to something that catches my breath. Stops me in my tracks for even a moment.

Heres what works.

Meditation - that cool breath on my top lip

The early morning stillness in the trees

Messaging my people and receiving their words with an open heart.

Writing it all down, worts, pimples, shits and fucks. All of it.


Pouring kindness on my womanly body, enough that my inner child receives the message that it will all be ok.

Aligning the child and the woman within is a daily, almost moment by moment practice.

Never ending.

A spiralling upwards movement.

A web of wisdom forever growing.

*feeling out of control/anxious/stressed

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