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  • Sally Love

A lesson in listening

This morning while getting dressed, mindlessly, as I mostly do, I noticed a necklace that has been in front of my eyes forever but that I haven’t worn for years.

I stopped.

I listened.

It said, you need me today.

Illogical thoughts came into my head - but it’s winter, I don’t wear shells in winter. I have other necklaces on, I don’t need to change them up.

Why have I noticed this today of all days?

Then I listened some more, you need grounding, come back to earth, you are spinning.

So I put it on and left the house.

After dropping miss 6 at school and after contacting 4 of my friends for a coffee catchup - all busy. I asked mr 4 if he’d like to go to the beach. Ok mama, he said through a yawn.

And so we went to the beach. It was cool but the sun was shining big and the sky was bright blue and there were diamonds on the ocean calling our names.

I let out an audible sigh as I sat down on the sand. Everything dropped in my body. The spinning stopped. I came back to earth. The sun revived us and the ocean calmed us. Mr 4 kept finding more and more treasures. He was in his bliss. My sister rang. She’s going through a tough time and I had the energy to be an open space for her.

We got home from our morning at the beach relaxed, peaceful and content.

I wondered how my day would’ve gone if I hadn’t listened to the necklace.

Come home from school drop off, tired, low energy, let Mr 4 watch tv all day. Been irritable. Most likely. Possibly.

But I listened and it paid off. More listening, less resisting.

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